Welcome to the Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) We're an organization of people that provide entertainment and education for Amateur Radio operators who are members of our club and the ham population at large in our region of the province. We’re located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada along the Old Man River near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our club operates the VE6CAM repeater on 146.88 Mhz which provides coverage throughout our region on two meters. Our club has been in operation for many decades and has been the home of amateur radio in this region for hundreds of dedicated ham operators over that time. Join us for our regular meeting and the many events that we host throughout the year. Our dues for joining our club are very reasonable and well worth the small investment. From time to time notices and news will be shared by e-mail as well and please remember that you are not obligated to receive anything from us and if you wish not to, send us a note and we will take you off our list. We hope you enjoy our site and come back often and point others to us too. 73

Have You Joined Us for Breakfast?


Braving the cold weather to show up to our breakfast at Humpty's is well worth the effort.  The food is good and it's a reasonable price.  We have people from as far away as Milk River, Pincher Creek and Elkford B.C. show up.  Just remember to let Tom VE6ARG know before Saturday morning at 7:00am if you are going to join us.  Lots of room and great company and conversation.


Come on out and join us at Humpty's on Scenic Drive in Lethbridge for a some good fun. We meet at 9:00am on Saturday mornings.


See you there...



Did You Know???

That the SAARC is supported by donations by every ham that calls himself or herself a member? We ask that everyone donate $20 to help support our club.  It helps to support the things we do as a club such as Field Day and other events.  Also, new hams that have just passed their Basic qualification are given a free membership for their first year.  If you want to donate, bring it to the next regular meeting.


Planning for Field Day

We will be planning for The 2019 ARRL Field Day this year.  It is being held June 22nd and 23rd which is the fourth full weekend in June.  We have four people on the planning committee at the moment and they are Kevin VE6KVV, Riley VE6WEY, Richard VE6PCO and Tom VE6ARG.


We are looking for a place to hold Field Day.  We need about an acre of land for antennas and setup stuff like the equipment tent.  We also need some room for camping and RV's if anyone is interested in RV'ing.


At first glance we will be running only two stations with antennas for all bands 80 - 6 Meters.  There can be as many operators as want to come out and get some experience at Field Day operation.


One other thing that we need to do is organize the dinner on Saturday night and a way to keep us in snacks during the days that we are operating.


We need to come up with a budget for everything that needs to be done and a schedule for operators so that everyone gets a chance to operate.  So lots of planning is necessary.


If you have any ideas on location this year, let us know as soon as possible and if you feel like getting involved send a note asap.  We could always use some help with this and the more the merrier.  I might add, though, that if you really want to volunteer to help, don't just say it, do it, please.  If you have taken on a task, you own it and others are expecting you to follow through.   Conversely, if you can't do that, don't volunteer.  We have a lot to do for Field Day and it takes commitment.


The Executive wants to thank Renze and Annetta for stepping up to help us out in a pinch when the site we were going to use had some incredible RFI that would have made Field Day 2018 at real challenge.  Thanks goes out to the Prairie Tractor Museum at Coyote Flats for offering.  It would have been an amazing site if Fortis actually had cleaned up the noise problem out there.


So let's let Field Day 2019 be the best yet and with so many new hams aboard it will be I'm sure.



The Wednesday Night Net on CAM


It is gratifying to see some of the new hams getting on the air and checking into the nets.  For those that haven't had a chance to meet these new people here are their names and callsigns.


Allan Hill - VE6AHZ

Jen Stephen -VA6ACD

Les Stephen - VE6GNX

Ron Krenbrink - VA7YZT

Paul Coutts - VE6THZ

Paul Hawkins - VE6KIE

Cody Johnson - VE6LZY

Richard Colley - VE6PCO

Colin Macintyre - VA6BYE

Bill van Braak - VE6BVB

Kevin Wittke - VE6KVV

Derek Veldman - VA6AWJ

Riley Irwin - VE6WEY


If you hear them on the air, talk to them and welcome them to Amateur Radio and offer help and advice if they need any.



A Primer on Antennas to Use

One of the most common questions I get asked as an instructor is what antenna should I buy or build to get me on the bands.  Because it is such an important subject I wrote an article on it to share with everyone that cares to read my scribblings.  Here is a PDF of the article and I encourage you to contact me if you have any ideas or questions regarding the ideas presented.  These are only suggestions, however, and I strongly encourage you to look for other solutions if you are trying to do something different.  This is an experimental hobby and your innovations will benefit everyone.  Our club president, Cory, experiments with new ideas all the time because of the challenges he faces by living in an upstairs town house.  Let's see what you can do.



Tom Buchanan - VE6ARG


Contact us by e-mail at: infosaarc@shaw.ca | Snail mail: SAARC, PO Box 1024, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0