Welcome to the Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) We're an organization of people that provide entertainment and education for Amateur Radio operators who are members of our club and the ham population at large in our region of the province. We’re located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada along the Old Man River near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our club operates the VE6CAM repeater on 146.88 Mhz which provides coverage throughout our region on two meters. Our club has been in operation for many decades and has been the home of amateur radio in this region for hundreds of dedicated ham operators over that time. Join us for our regular meeting and the many events that we host throughout the year. Our dues for joining our club are very reasonable and well worth the small investment. From time to time notices and news will be shared by e-mail as well and please remember that you are not obligated to receive anything from us and if you wish not to, send us a note and we will take you off our list. We hope you enjoy our site and come back often and point others to us too. 73

The CARA Flea Market

On Saturday April 21st, a bunch of us went up to the annual CARA Flea Market in Calgary.  What a great event.  There were a couple of hundred attendees and it was the biggest crowd they have seen for years.  Everyone had a chance to rub shoulders with old friends and to search for that much needed flea or fleas that are so necessary to obtain.  It was a great day and a welcome respite from the miserable winter we have suffered for so long with warm weather and even warmer friends to visit with.

Upcoming Events:


Field Day is happening on June 23 and 24 and more information will be coming out on this event shortly.


As summer event is in the planning stages at Coyote Flats to bring together friends and fellow hams from around the area for a weekend of flea market fun.  If you are interested in becoming involved in putting this together send Tom an email at VE6ARG@shaw.ca.  More information will be published as it becomes available.

Steps For Life Walk a Huge Success

Many thanks go out to the team that ran the communications at the annual Steps for Life walk at Henderson Lake on a beautiful Saturday morning May 4th, 2018.  Rob VE6XMB was "Red Leader" and out on the trail was Blair  VE6AGH, Geoff VE6LSX, Roy VE6AWT, Justin VE6JRD and Ron VE6PAP.  Tom VE6ARG and Tommy VE6TJB were doing the photography for he event and were up in a crane at 100 feet overlooking the huge crowd of over 1200 walkers.  The communications were by handhelds on both 146.52 and 146.97 although there was some local interference on that frequency that moved everyone back to simplex.


The annual Steps for Life walk is held to support the Threads of Life organization which is a trans Canada support group that supports survivors of workplace tragedies.  These are the people that are left after a worker has lost his or her life or have suffered a life changing event while at work.  We so often forget the trauma that these souls suffer when these events take place.  The Threads for Life people are a group that provide support for them through connections with each other and other services.


Lethbridge businesses have jumped into supporting the cause wholeheartedly over the last nine years and in fact have held the biggest walks in the country since its beginning and have often been some of the biggest supporters in terms of money over the years too.  We are very proud of our little city and its enormous contribution to this worthy cause.


Tom VE6ARG has been involved as the professional photographer for the organization for 8 years and thought that to improve communications it would be an excellent thing for SAARC to get involved with.  Judging from the results, he has been proved right.


You can see pictures from the event by going to Tom's website at www.tombuchananphotographics.zenfolio.com  Click on All Photographs - Recently Added.

Did you know...


That many of us have been meeting for breakfast at Franco's Restaurant in Coaldale?  This has become the event to attend and we are not only enjoying the nonsense that hams usually get up to, but we are also able to have a great meal for a great price and unlimited coffee as well.  Come on out and join us for a some good fun. We meet at 9:00am on Saturday mornings.


See you there...



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