So as mentioned on the front page, we are under new management and Ron Papp, our president and Jeff Petersen, our vice and I met the other night and discussed, amongst many  things, how to revitalize our club and get some younger members interested in what we do.  We talked about a lot of things such as new projects, spending some money, how to promote the club, some ideas on revitalizing the repeater system and then someone came up with the idea of approaching the kids that are into robotics and talking to them about amateur radio and how it could fit into their hobby.  What a great idea.  Perhaps this is a new direction we could explore to create some renewed interest in our old club and bring it up to the 21st century.


At our last regular meeting we discussed putting out a Survey Monkey questionnaire asking you all about what you would be interested in doing.  So we have started working on that survey and should have something fairly soon to send to you.  The purpose is to open everyone’s eyes, ears and imagination to what we want the club to look like over the new few years.  Is it yearly flea markets perhaps, a new meeting place, satellite work, homebrewing, or best idea yet, a MacGyver’s Radio? So be ready for the survey and put your thinking caps on everyone.  This is going to be a very interesting year in ham radio in our neck of the woods.  In the meantime if you are inspired, send me a note and lets get something going.

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