Welcome to one of the most exciting hobbies you could ever get involved in.  If you are interested in talking to people and learning about the world of wireless communications from the technical to the operating aspects of it, this is the place to be.  The SAARC has a long history of creating new hams by teaching them the theory and practical application of radio communications through our courses.  Many hams got their start here and have advanced in the hobby and become active radio operators and technically knowledgeable by taking our courses and participating in our excellent club activities.  We can truly say that there is something for everyone in our club whether you are new to the hobby or an experience ham radio operator.


So the place to start is right here.  Begin by enrolling in one of our courses and join one of the most exclusive groups of friends in the world.


Here are some details:


1. What:  Basic Amateur Radio Course

2. Why:  This course will give you all the information you need in order to pass the Basic Amateur Radio Examination and get your Certificate of Proficiency in Radio.

3. When:  Held at least once a year.

4. Where: Held at a ham radio operator's station (shack) in most cases.

5. Who: Courses are always taught by experienced Advanced Amateur radio operators who are members of the club

6. Syllabus: Coax Publications Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide will be followed.  NOTE: It is important that you obtain a copy of the Coax Publications Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide either directly from them or from a dealer like Radio World. Borrowing a book is not an option as there is a lot of information that is available on-line from them only to people that have proof of purchase.

7. Format: Each evening we will discuss the previous weeks homework that was assigned to you and we will look at the practical application of the principles studied. The last few weeks are spent doing practice exams together to help you gauge your progress towards successfully passing the exam.

8. Length of Course: The course is approximately 12 weeks long and covers a great deal more than just theory and regulations.

9. Perks:

a. You will be learning how to make this one of the most exciting hobbies you could ever engage in.

b. Coax Publications additional information is available to everyone who has proof of purchase of their book.

c. You will get firsthand knowledge of how to setup an actual ham radio station.

d. You will get a chance to use some state of the art radios and test equipment when there.

e. You will learn hundreds of hints and kinks of how to do it right the first time.

f. You will get firsthand knowledge of what to obtain in order to get on the air with the least expense and advice on what works and what doesn’t.

g. You will share your success with new found friends that are working towards the same goal.

h. You will go away with new concepts that can spur further exploration into this fascinating hobby.

i. But, most importantly, you will gain an understanding of the wonderful world of wireless communications and how it affects you every day.

j. After you have successfully written the exam and passed with 70% or more you will be given a free membership in the SAARC for one year.

k.   A student who achieves an 80% or higher mark on the exam will have successfully achieved a Basic With Honours mark and will have greater privileges.

l. The Exam:  When you feel you are ready we will arrange to have our club examiner come in to administer the exam.

m. Cost: This course is free and all instructors voluntarily donate their time with the intention of helping new people become involved in this amazing hobby.


Please Note:  This course of study requires that all assignments are to be done on time and further requires that the students commit to the course and all its requirements.  The course is not hard, but does require a firm commitment of time.  If you feel you cannot commit the time or energy to complete the course, please let us know and perhaps some other arrangements can be made.


If you have any questions regarding this information,  please drop us a note at the email address below.



Contact us by e-mail at: infosaarc@shaw.ca | Snail mail: SAARC, PO Box 1024, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0