Building equipment is fun and educational for many ham operators.  The results are always gratifying no matter the skill level.

Many operators own and operate vintage equipment. This is part of a Collins S-Line system that has been operating for over 50 years and still works perfectly.

The image to the left shows that the world of computers integrated with modern transceivers and other systems is upon us.  This display is actually two programs working together.  The program running the top panoramic display is connected to a stand alone software defined receiver (SDR) on a separate antenna.  The bottom one is Ham Radio Deluxe connected to a transceiver.  They're linked together through the computer and are completely interactive. This is a very cost effective way of creating a wideband panadaptor display.

The antennas to the right are part of an array that is used to track satellites and communicate all over the world via them.  The antenna in the centre is a UHF multi element beam that provides high gain and a very narrow circularly polarized beam.

Modern state of the art rigs are available for very affordable prices these days.  This is a Kenwood TS-590S transceiver and a Bencher paddle.

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