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There are so many links that pertain to amateur radio existing today that it would take many pages to list them all.  Instead we are listing only those ones that we consider important to know for those of us fortunate enough to live in this area.  If you feel that we should link other sites, please send us a note and we will update the website to include it.  If you find a link is broken for one reason or another send us a note please...



The American Radio Relay League is the voice of Amateur Radio in the US and beyond.  This is a very useful site with thousands of parts to it including history and up to date information on amateur radio around the world.  There is something for everyone.


Canada’s leading supplier of Amateur Radio equipment out of Toronto with a store in Calgary as well.  Visit Radioworld Central in Calgary and become friends with the guys up there.  They are all hams just like us and know their stuff.









Canada's equivalent to the ARRL. These are the people that fight for our rights as amateur radio operators and their site is filled with ham radio information from a Canadian perspective.

This amazing site is filled with hundreds of electronic ideas and projects to build.  Some of them are ham radio oriented but most are not.  This is fascinating to go through and I strongly suggest you take some time to do so.



This site will provide you with the most up to date information on band conditions.  Read the detailed instructions and explanations on this site and get rid of the cobwebs over band condition science once and for all.  This site updates every 30 seconds so it’s absolutely going to give you the most accurate propagation information available 24/7.


Ham Nation


Live shows put on by Ham Nation are not only entertaining, but worth their weight in gold in terms of the information they provide on the latest and greatest innovations and events that are going on around the world.  Bob Heil is the host and he talks to people everywhere.  Bob Heil is the inventor of the Heil microphones that many hams around the world use and consider the best.


If you wonder where that callsign comes from and who the guy is at the other end of the QSO, this is the site to see.  As a member you can update your own information to let everyone know where you are and what your station looks like and a myriad of other things including what bearing to point your beam.


Zero-Five Antennas


One of the best vertical antennas built.  These antennas can be purchased through Radio World or GPS Central in Calgary as well.  They are rugged and will withstand the high winds of our region and the cold temperatures.  These are highly recommended by hundreds of hams around the world.


Ham Radio Outlet


This is a true candy store for hams around the world.  One of the largest ham radio only stores in the US and they have outlets all over the States.  They carry very much the same stuff as Radio World does.  US pricing of course.


MRO Electronics


An electronic supply store in Calgary that has the widest selection of RF and other type of connectors and adapters you have ever seen.  The prices are right and the store is worth visiting just to see the variety of connectors available.  As Jerry Clement VE6AB says “If they don’t have the adapter you want, you probably don’t need it.”


NA4RR Hexagonal Beam Antenna


There are many companies building high quality hexagonal beams, but this guy builds the best at the most reasonable prices.  They are built to last and just plain work right out of the box.  They are easy to setup in less than an hour and provide exceptional performance on up to six bands.  When to you talk to people that are using Hex Beams, they all rave about them.




Jerry Clement is an amateur radio operator out of Calgary.  Jerry has written several articles that have been published in QST and has punctuated them with fine photographic images. He’s also been featured in the May 2016 issue of QST.  Jerry is one of those clever guys that literally lives ham radio and inspires us all with his building projects, especially mobile antennas.  Click on his link above to be taken into the world of outdoors amateur radio and photography.  You can usually hear Jerry on 147.15, VE6UP.  He loves to ragchew and is entertaining and fun to talk with.


Storm Spotting


Not long ago we received a wonderful e-mail from a mother of a young scout called Liam who was working on his Amateur Radio merit badge.  He passed along an interesting site on how to become a storm spotter.  As many of you know our own Gary Wheeler runs a comprehensive weather site here in the Lethbridge Area with a site on lightning strike map showing where lightning storms are in the area.  His site is called West Lethbridge Weather.  Gary's site can be seen here.

DX Zone


Have you ever wondered what's out there for ham radio that you can run on your computer or looked for just the right program to provide you with the DX edge?  Perhaps you need to look up how a particular rig will work when connected to your computer.  This is the site to visit.  There are hundreds of links on this site that you can connect to allowing you to find everything you might need to get your equipment into the 21st Century.  If you have questions about anything dealing with ham radio, you will find it here.  Have fun.

DX Engineering


If you are looking for parts and pieces or whole products, this site is a good choice for you.  DX Engineering has quickly become the specialists outlet.  Anything from parts for your antenna to aluminum tubing in all the right sizes are available from this great place.  The prices are right and those hard to find parts for homebrew projects or repairs to your antennas or up to date prices on all the major brands of transceivers and accessories.  Enjoy their site.  There is so much to see and drool over.

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