Regular meeting of the SAARC

May 14, 2021 Zoom

13 Present

Cory VE6COR, Terry VA6TMA, Peter VA6ARI, Tom VE6TRM, Tino VE6MB, Tony VE6ABO, Norm VE6NFW,

Wayne VE6WEK, Brian VE6LAY, Tom VE6ARG, Renze VE6DC, Perry VE6NX, Doug VE6FDE

Call to order: Cory VE6COR 8:06

Treasurer's report: $xxxx.xx in the bank memberships are up.

Repeater report:

Tom will have a meeting on getting the software up dates. 

Brian VE6LAY will clean the solar panels and fill batteries.

Wayne VE6WEK is doing the Wed night CAM Net and is looking for more volunteers to help with the net.

Field Day: plans on going more information to come.

Round Table:

Guest Tino VE6MB loves doing low power VHF and UHF weak signals 6 meters is open now.

Doing a net Sundays at 10.00am on144.200 All welcome.  Looking to form a group who likes to work weak


Cory VE6COR looking to try Digital Modes. Building a new tower computer asked about using ferrites on the lines.Tino VE6MB recommended using them on all lines.

Terry VA6TMA had lots of noise on HF. changed out his Balum now it's working great.  Loves his Hex beam but is getting lots of Sun noise.

Peter VA6ARI moved his antenna up to 30 feet hope to get better reception and transmission on the Sunday morning net.

Tony VE6ABO doing some HF work and is doing the Wed night net working.

Norm VE6NFW Putting up a privacy fence. Working both Montana and Alberta Nets.  Had a friend out camping fell and broke his hip.

Doug VE6FDE was on top of a 8 ft ladder trying to get on the Sun. Getting into the net is still a work in progress.

Renza VE6DC checking into a few nets.  Did a road trip to Ottawa now that College is out.Looking at getting a IC 9700.

Perry VE6NX has technical difficulties and lost his zoom connection.

Tom VE6ARG motioned for adjourn  9:12pm


Southern Alberta Regular Meeting (Zoom)

Minutes of April 9th, 2021  Meeting time 8:00 PM

Number present: 17

Cory VE6COR, WalterVE6XWG, PerryVE6NX, BlairVE6AGH, Tom VE6ARG, NormVE6NFW, PeterVA6ARI, GaryVE6MU, DanVE6AOE, Brian VE6LAY, RenzeVE6DC, TomVE6TRM, RoyVE6AWT, MikeVA6PLC, Mark VE6???, Karl (student.), Kyle (student.)

Called to Order: Cory VE6COR  8:04

Treasurer's report Tom M VE6TRM  $xxxx.xx in the bank.

Round table RenzeVE6DC On 20 meters when he can,busy working on his gardens

Blair VE6GAH finds 40 meters conditions are fine to work now. Has plans for field day.

WalterVE6XYG Got his virus shots, needs to do some antenna work.

PeterVA6ARI Wants to set up a team to help other hams with there needs.

Dan VE6AOE Will help with field day,always listening to his radios.

BrianVE6LAY calls in on club net when I can.  Got in on 7.100 (Aurora Net) lots of noise of 40 meters.  Have made contacts on 20 meters one south Texas one Georgia 14.300


RoyVE6AWT Using a long wire for now, wants to get set up for 80 meters.

NormVE6NFW Helped another ham get his antenna set up. Is trying to join a flying boat net. Getting work done on his eye.

Karl Working on his ham lic.

PerryVE6NX His Vertical antenna became a horizontal now. Rotator on big tower is working, but poorly. Small tower rotor replacement.

Kyle Has a boom truck good to 30 feet is set up for 2 meters.

Dan using a Baofeng hand held not happy with its performance.

CoryVE6COR Playing with a handheld loop antenna works well but expensive.

MikeVA6PLC Will help with field day.

Tom VE6ARG  Did a great presentation on Home Brewing Antennas Thanks Tom.  Lots of good information, well done.

Motion to adjourn: Cory VE6COR 2nd Brian VE6LAY

Meeting ended 9:25


Southern Alberta Regular Meeting (Zoom)

Minutes of March 12, 2021     Meeting Time 8:00 PM

Meeting was called to order by: Cory Martin VE6COR

Number Present: 14

Members present: Walter VE6XWG,  Paul VA6ADJ, Cory VE 6COR, Perry VE6NX, Blair VE6AGH, Tom VE6ARG, Norm VE6NFW, Peter VA6ARI, Gary VE6CV, Rob VE6XBM, Garry VE6MU, TomVE6TRM, BrianVE6LAY, Doug callsign?

Called to order by Cory VE6COR @ 8:04

Motion to accept last Minutes by PeterVE6ARI 2nd Tom VE6ARG - Carried.

Treasurer's Report: Tom Martens VE6TRM - $xxxx.xx  in the bank. 29 paid memberships e transfers worked ok some members sent to his email and transferred the funds to the club account.

Repeater update: At this time it's not sending a repeater ID the software will be updated to fix this.

Wed night net will work on Echolink.

The repeater lic is in Gary's VE6CV name and would like it removed and the Club executive will have a meeting on this.

For insurance the tower has a value close to $40,000

New Business the registry was filled out and sent off.

Training: Tom VE6ARG has completed the basic Ham radio course.  Thanks Tom for your hard work.

Summer activities BlairVE6AGH has offered to see what we can do for Field Day this year and was looking for anyone who can help  with this would be appreciated.  Tom VE6ARG said he would help.

Tom VE6TRM made a motion to adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8:49 PM 


Southern Alberta Regular Meeting (Zoom)

Minutes of February 12, 2021     Meeting Time 8:00 PM

Meeting was called to order by: Cory Martin VE6COR

Number Present: 9

Peter  VE6ARI    Norm  VE6NFW  Wayne VE6WEK   Tom M VE6TRM  Cory VE6COR

Perry  VE6NX     Tom B  VE6ARG  Roy  VE6AWT  Brian VE6LAY

Motion to adopt last meeting  minutes passed

Treasurer's Report:  Tom Martens VE6TRM

$8,365.08 in the bank Got e transfers set up for club dues $20.00 transfer email is  

Repeater Committee: Wayne VE6WEK


The repeater bank account is now closed ,balance was put in the clubs bank account

Big thanks to Blair VE6AGH  for his work on the repeater solid performance with the new set up.

New business:

 Cory VE6COR

      1.  Would like to know how many club members belonging to RAC need this for our insurance renewal.

      2.  Should we put more insurance on the repeater equipment (will check with Blair VE6AGH )


       1. Has all the paperwork ready for Alberta Society Return Needs 2 members to do a audit

           Thanks to Norm VE6NFW and Robert VE6XBM will meet up with Tom VE6TRM

Tom B VE6ARG   

        1. The Basic course is winding down now

        2. The weekly blurb seems to be very popular and we have about 125 people on the mailing list

Next meeting: March 12, 2021  8:00 PM (Zoom)

Motion to adjourn 8:42



Annual General Meeting

Minutes of January 22, 2021          Meeting Time: 8:21 PM

Meeting was called to order by: Blair Shaw VE6AGH


Number present: 13

Item on the agenda:

Discussion on raising dues – was not considered necessary at this time

Election of Club Executive for:   2021


Election of Executive for: 2021


Person asked to Preside over the election: Blair Shaw

Chairman of Committee to report slate of nominee for election:

Position          Name                    Call Sign     Elected/Nominated

President          Cory Martin          VE6COR     Elected

Vice President     Tom Buchanan              VE6ARG     Elected

Treasurer          Tom Martens          VE6TRM     Elected

Secretary               Brian Layton               VE6LAY     Elected

Director 1          Tom Buchanan              VE6ARG     Elected (Communications)     

Director 2          Renze Dam          VE6DC     Elected


Director 3          Gary Wheeler          VE6CV     Elected


Director 4          Peter Pankonin              VA6ARI     Elected


No ballots from elections

Person Presiding over the election returned meeting over to new president.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by: Tom VE6ARG


Time of close of meeting: 8:37 PM

Date of next Meeting: January 7, 2022


Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club

Regular Meeting (Zoom)

Minutes of January 22, 2021          Meeting Time: 7:30 PM

Meeting was called to order by: Cory Martin – VE6COR


Number present: 13

Item on the agenda:

Introductions:  Peter Pankonin VA6ARI, Doug Balla (student)

Financial report:  We have $8,363.08 in the bank - Tom Martens VE6TRM

Discussion on updating to direct deposit through the bank.  Tom Martens VE6TRM is going to talk to the bank and get it done.

Moved by Wayne Krywolt VE6WEK to have Tom Martens VE6TRM open the secondary account for deposits only with one signature only.  2nd by Tom Buchanan VE6ARG.  Carried

Moved that the Financial Report be adopted: Norm Wright VE6NFW, 2nd Tom Buchanan VE6ARG carried

Repeater Report: Blair Shaw VE6AGH, Wayne Krywolt VE6WEK

Discussion on upgrades to the repeater that have been done by Blair Shaw and others.  Upgrades have been completed and paid for out of the repeater funds.  

Moved by Blair Shaw VE6AGH that the remaining few dollars in the repeater fund be moved over to general funds.  2nd Tom Buchanan VE6ARG  carried

Wayne Krywolt mentioned that they are always looking for controllers and that in months that have 5 Wednesdays that if anyone wants to get some training in running as net control those nights on the CAM net are available and training is available too.

Communications Director's Report: Tom Buchanan VE6ARG

Discussion that the weekly Blurbs will continue and that we have discontinued the Friday night net but continue the Saturday morning net on 3690 Khz at 9:00AM.  


lair Shaw asked that the Wednesday night CAM net be included on the weekly Blurb and that it be included on the website.

Some suggested that the font size be increased on the weekly Blurb and Tom Buchanan said he would find a solution. It is currently at 14.

Meetings:  It was moved by Wayne Krywolt VE6WEK that the regular meetings be resumed virtually on Zoom on the second Friday of every month at 8:00PM.  Tom Buchanan will send out notices in the Blurb on Friday mornings.  2nd by Renze Dam VE6DC. carried

Meeting was adjourned at 8:21PM Friday, January 22, 2021


Minutes of January 10th, 2020

Called to order 7:40 pm

Members present Cory VE6COR, Tom B VE6ARG, Tom VE6TRM, Brian VE6LAY, Alex VE6WFD, Norm VE6NFW, Rob VE6XMB, Austin VE6QBD, Blair VE6AGH

(no minutes due to Christmas party in Decmeber and presentation in November)

Treasurer Report $XXXX.XX in the bank (2019 27 members)

Repeater Committee Spencer VE6AWT and Gary VE6CV are interested Norm VE6NFW

Austin VE6QBD Brian VE6LAY will help out when needed.

Field Day 4th weekend of June Blair VE6AGH make a motion to ask for volunteer's one for a chairperson

and one for a assistant 2nd by Tom VE6ARG

Director of events looking for a volunteer

Show & Swap Meets:

Edmonton Amateur Radio Flea Market Feb 8 2020 Dutch Canadian Centre 13312 142 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5L 4T3

PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON — The Mike & Key Amateur Radio Club will hold the 39th Annual Mike and Key ARC Electronics Show & Swap Meet beginning 9 a.m., Saturday, March 7 at the Pavilion Exhibition Hall-Puyallup Fair & Events Center, 110 9th Avenue SW. Phone: (253) 631-3756. Email: or Talk-in 146.82- + (PL 103.5). VE exams.

Glacier Waterton International Hamfest July 17-19 2020

Basic class update Ton VE6ARG informed the club he started with 14 interested in getting there license now hes down to 4.After this class is over

Tom is not going to be doing anymore classes .If someone would like to do the class let the club know.  There was discussion on whether or not to charge for the classes and refund half the cost on successful completion of the course.  Tom said he would consider doing the classes if that were the case.  The single biggest concern is that when people sign up for the class that they do the work and attend the classes and if they had some skin in the game they might be more apt to commit.

Motion To Adjourn Tom VE6ARG 2nd by Alex VE6WFD

Adjourned 8:20 pm 


Regular Meeting of the SAARC October 11th, 2019 held at Excel Flight Training Centre

Members Present:

President Cory VE6COR    Vice President Tom VE6ARG  Treasurer Tom VE6TRM  Secretary Brian VE6LAY

Richard VE6PCO    Blair VE6AGH  Norm VE6NFW  Austin VE6QBD     Rob VE6XMB  James VE6SWX

Motion To Accept Sep minutes  Austin VE6QBD passed

Treasurer's Report:

$XXX in the bank  As of now we have Tom VE6TRM Tom VE6ARG and Cory VE6COR set up for check signing.

Repeater Committee:

Blair VE6AGH The repeater has been tested and everything is good to go.

Blair would like help to clean the solar panels and top off the battery water levels, if you can help contact Blair to make plans.

Blair talked to a engineering consultant about adding more equipment to our club tower and in his opinion it would be to much stress for our tower.

A motion to have a vote was made by Tom VE6TRM 2nd by Tom VE6ARG passed there will be no equipment installed on the club tower.

Blair has things that belong to the tower and Austin VE6QBD offered space to store club equipment Big thanks to Austin.

Blair has 3 generators to find homes for Gary Wheeler was asked he said no thanks he's ok. Tom Jr will take one.

New Businesses:


Rob VE6XMB has asked the club to start having a quick club business meeting followed with a presentation on different radio related subjects.

Austin VE6QBD made a motion to give it a try on a trial basis motion was passed.  Rob VE6XMB first presentation will be on the next meeting the subject will be on DIGITAL MODES


Motion To Adjourn Tom VE6TRM @ 8:28


Minutes of SAARC September 14th, 2019

10 members present

Called To Order by Cory VE6COR


  Big thanks to Renze and his family for the fantastic corn roast every one had a good time.

Repeater  Report

  A company has approached  our club to look into the possibility of using our tower to install

Receivers and dishes. The club recommends to have an engineering

  study done and paid for by the company who wants to use our tower.

Old Business

  Alex reported that the Christmas party will be on Dec 6th at Luigis North 306 13 St N. plans for 50 people

Around The Room

Renze VE6DC Has a new antenna up..plans to put more up.Always listening on HF

Tom VE6ARG Busy with work but still finds time to work with a Butternut antenna for HF

Austin VE6QBD Busy working and traveling

Elwyn VE6AQR Nothing to report.

Alex VE6WFD Nothing new plans to have a antenna up soon.

Spencer VE6SXR Can't do anything yet had knee surgery.

Brian VE6LAY Active on 2 meter did volunteer communications for the M.S. Bike ride Hill Springs.

Norm VE6NFW Did volunteer communications for the M.S. Bike ride Hill Springs and  communications for there ATV porker run in the Pass.

Tony VE6ABO Made a antenna for his grandson's Field Radio Very happy how its working. and was  Cam net controller.

Cory VE6COR Was away July and Aug. Fixed his Mag loop antenna and played with it on a tripod stand.

Motion To Adjourn Tom VE6ARG



SAARC Minutes for July 12th, 2019

10 Members present

Called to order 7:27 by Vice President Tom Buchanan VE6ARG

Minutes from last meeting  motion by Alex 2nd by  Norm to be accepted   passed

Treasurer's report  $  XXXX in the bank cheque made out for the Port A Potty rental just needs to be signed.

Repeater Committee Blair turned power from 15 watts to 45 watts and looking for 2 new RV Deep Cycle battery's just in case ours are bad.Still having a noise  issue

Old Business

Field day was a big success had a good turn out made 89 contacts one on 2 meters

Big thanks to Tom Jr for the  generator   Kevin for getting food and other things ready Kevin,Norm,Austin,Alex and Jen for there help.

Thank you card will be sent to  Farming Smarter for the use of there field.

New Business

Norm and Austin brought to our attention that Team Lethbridge Waterton Cycle asking if we can help with radio communications for there July 27/19 Waterton Cycle

2019  bike ride from the Great Canadian Barn Dance to Waterton in support of the MS Society of Canada. Contact Rob for more information.

Breakfast club Good food fun time  let Tom know if your coming before 7am

Around the room

Brian VE6LAY Monitors 2 meter repeaters Pincher creek,Burmis and Club.  Sunday 9am club net.

Norm VE6NFW Sunday 9am club net on  VHF. Listens on other  frequency's using a long wire antenna

Austin VE6QBD  along with Norm,Bruce,Rob and Alex did a road trip to fix a poor signal issue with VE6AAH  Porcupine hills repeater they put up a 15 meter vertical antenna as a temporary fix.

James VE6SWX Got a new 857 HF,VHF,UHF all mode 100 watt  160 thru 2 meters Transceiver. Made a long range contact from Brooks on 2 meters.

Alex VE6WFD was at field day helped with set up.

Matt VE6MIB Active on 2 meters hopes to get on HF soon.

Less VE6GNX was at field day helped with set up plans to get a antenna up

Jen VE6ACD was at field day helped with set up. looking forward to getting a antenna up.

Blair VE6AGH going to The 85th Annual Glacier Waterton Hamfes tJuly 19th

Tom VE6ARG Reinstalled his Mobil radio with a clean install this time. Doing test on different toroid's  Rolled up his long wire antenna and set up a Doublet antenna using 50 feet of ladder line and a 4;1 balum using .G5RV line good for 80 to 6 meters.Helping Russel sort out his HF equipment .Talked about how this solar cycle is the longest one ever but it will come back. FT8 gets good contacts even in bad band conditions. WWV is not going to be cut now and is good for testing propagation

Meeting adjournment motion  Norm     

Adjournment  8:32


Minutes SAARC June 14th, 2019

Held at new location - Excel Flight Training Inc.  Lethbridge Airport.

9 members present

Called to order by Cory VE6COR @ 7:31

Mins from May 13/19 accepted

A big thanks to Alex VE6WFD for getting us a regular place to meet..

Treasurers report  $ xxxx in the bank

Repeater Report Norm VE6NFW paid $ 90.00 for old repaired antenna.

Blair VE6AGH  Norm VE6NFW Austin VE6QBD and Brian VE6LAY serviced the repeater battery's.One cell is using more water then the rest.                       Blair

VE6AGH will turn the power up and see if the battery will get weaker.

Old business

Insurance papers all set to be sent Cory VE6COR will get the amount for next meeting

Fox Hunt No Report

Field Day All set to go Food,Equipment and port a potty's

Steps for life went well

Around the room Report

Cory VE6COR  Has a new VHF antenna he can now hit the club repeater on his hand held on 5 watts.Good news he found and ordered a new talking Watt and SWR meter

Brian VE6LAY  Calls in on Sunday morning club net.

Tom VE6TRM Hosting Club Sunday mornings Net going to work the bike run.

Rob VE6XMB Is working hf digital olivia using 30 watts.

Wayne VE6WEK Is a net controller

Blair VE6AGH working the nets.

Alex VE6WFD Made his first VHF contact

Tom VE6ARG Repaired older radio equipment trying different balun construction and end line feeds.

Norm VE6NFW working the nets..even had his company who are hams call in.

New Business Patches and Hats on going

100 mile bike ride is going to have Club volunteers provide communications

9 new member's

Christmas party will be at North Side Luigis early part of December.

Motion for adjourn Tom VE6ARG @ 8:30


Minutes SAARC May 13th, 2019

8 members present

Called to order 7:41

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Treasurer's report  $ XXXX

Repeater committee report $ XXXX  Battery's need to be serviced. No bill from Spencer to date.

Insurance on going

Fox Hunt nothing to report

Field Day nothing to report

Steps for Life went well


Around the room members activity:

                Cory   VE6COR  Working UHF got a nice used antenna at the flea market

                Elwyn VE6AQR Needs help to fix his antenna

                Blair   VE6AGH Repaired old cam antenna and is now for sale

                Tom   VE6ARG Having fun getting a old 117 transceiver working active on SK,AB and BC nets.

                Renze VE6DC  Working in his garden already getting vegetables from his green house.Got a new 2 meter radio

                Alex    VE6WFD Working the net and found his radio equipment making plans for his antenna

                Norm  VE6NFW Works the cam net..still waiting to get his radio back.

                Brian  VE6LAY  My son Chris and I installed  2 meter ic fm radio with a whip antenna in my car.

New Business

                   Tom VE6ARG will send a thank you card to Senior center for having the flea market and Radio World for the door prizes.

                   Got 6 new members at the flea market table the club had set up.

                   Alex VE6WFD will see if we can have our meeting on Friday night at the Lethbridge Airport Training Center.

                   Tom VE6ARG looking into club hats,pins and patches

                   Xmas party 50 people ? around  $ 20.00 each ? buffet at the Dynasty Restaurant Alex's VE6WFD wife is looking into this.


Motion to adjourn @ 8;48 Tom VE6ARG 2nd Brian VE6LAY


Minutes SAARC April 8th, 2019

13 members present

Cory VE6COR called the meeting to order  7:40pm

Motion to accept last meeting Mins. 1st Tom VE6TRM 2nd Tom VE6ARG

Treasures report   $x,xxx.xx

Repeater comity Spencer VE6SXR along with Blair VE6AGH replaced the antenna with a new  Hustler Base Model G6-144B Vertical Antenna.

work still to be done  service the battery's and repair the old antenna then put up for sale.

Cub Insurance On going.

Fox Hunt Plan to have a night to make hand held antenna

Field Day 1st plan working details out for a farm site close to town.. back up plan Police Lake

Steps for life volunteers so far Blair,Geoff,Cory,Riley,Rob,Tom and Norm.

Round Table Cory VE6COR Nothing to report

Brian VE6LAY Nothing new trying to get in on Sundays call in.

Kevin VE6KVV Almost ready to put up his antenna

Blair VE6AGH Active on 80 and 40 meters

Spencer VE6SXR Nothing to report

Ross VE6RMO Active on 2 meters

Rob VE6XMB Working digital modes very happy with his contacts

Tom VE6TRM Active on a few nets.

Tom VE6ARG Working 80 and 160 meters Working on Baluns and members radio equipment.

Geoff VE6LSX Working 2 meter net

Spencer VE6SXR Dug out his radio equipment ..informed us of Fred VE6UBG becoming a silent Key.

Norm VE6NFW made some wood hand held radio stands.Working on getting information from RAC.

Mel  Works VHF-UHF likes working 17 meters Wants to get more clubs to start working together. Rob will be a club relay.

New Business We had reps  Mel and Ross from Southern Alberta Emergency Radio Gild telling us about a new radio command trailer being set up.

Still looking for a new place to hold club meeting 

There will be a sale at the LSCO Amateur Radio Club Saturday May 4/19 at the LSCO room A at 12:30

Tom VE6ARG will have a table set up

Meeting adjournment  9:07pm


Minutes SAARC March 11th, 2019

Call to order:  7:37

8 people in attendance

Minutes adopted as read

Business from the minutes – Flea market in Calgary in April

No financial report

No repeater

Insurance – Cory is looking into it for the club.  Need a count on RAC members

Filing with Government – Geoff will look into it.

CW course in May – Tom

Christmas – Alex VE6WFD  will organize.

Photos of shack and other things.  – Tony talked about having information about their shacks could have a problem with confidentiality.  Leave it up to the members themselves.  Suggest we use instead of doing it ourselves.

Badges and hats: Tom talk to Mirage Laser about them

Fox Hunt: Geoff is looking into it.

Field Day: Riley, Richard, Kevin, Tom planning meeting soon

Activities: Steps for Life – Cory will call Rob


Cory playing with D-Star and digital stuff.  Gary loaned him a hot spot

Allan:  Gary loaned me a mobile radio and contacting some some people in Montana .  Been on the CAM net.

Norm:  Building a 2 meter antenna from a friend’s 11 meter antenna

On local repeater nets in Montana.

Richard: Got all the grounding and the antenna is up.  Running a Mac so have software for ham radio working now.  Map logger etc.  FT-891.  Working some FT8.

Tony:  Installing 2M into the old Van.  Been on HF worked PY5QW on the antenna.  DX is happening.  Oklahoma QSO party, worked 5 contacts.  Checked into the BC northern net.  Use FT8 as a beacon.

Geoff: runs the ARES net on VHF but that’s all he is doing right now.  Still taking the Advanced course.

Alex:  nothing happening.  Still has to get his antennas up but that is going to take some time.

Tom: Radios being fixed and some DX being done.

Audit information from Geoff’s mother.  Get it done.

MS walk for Southern Alberta Emergency Communication Guild – Mel VE6CU- Richard is going to volunteer.  Ask for more people to volunteer.  Send a note Mel VE6CU.

Please pay the donation directly to Tom VE6TRM and send out reminders.

Adjourned by Geoff at 21:10


Minutes the February 11th 2019 Meeting of SAARC

9 members present

Call to order  7:43

Motion to accept Jan minutes ..Accepted

Treasurer report  N/A

Field Day report N/A

Repeater committee  N/A

Activity's round table

Cory VE6COR    Has a new antenna coming for now hes using a telescoping antenna next to his window with a wire hanging down in his condominium.  Works 20 meters mostly

Brian VE6LAY    Happy with my trap dipole antenna can hear very well on 20,40 and 80 meters. Made my first contact in Bothell Wa. on 40 meter contact was competing in the winter field days Jan 24.

Tony VE6ABO   Has noise troubles he working on. Will be moving his HF rig into his van when things warm up. Still works the net

Norm VE6NFW No HF yet works VHF works the central border link net on 2 meters.

Tom VE6ARG    Experimenting with balums ..did some shack clean up. Performed test  comparing

Baofeng  performance with a Yaesu hand held.

Geoff VE6LSK   Works the ARES Alberta VHF net 2 meters on Sundays

Richard VE6PCO Getting used to his MFJ 969 working on getting a station set up..listens to the nets.

Kevin VE6KVV  Got his ground rods in before the cold weather hit.Make hard VHF contacts.

Riley VE6WEY Listens to Cam nets.

Old Business    QST Magazines to lend out.

New Business  Looking in to RAC insurance

                      CW course planned for May

                      Need people to plan for this years Christmas  function

                      Members are welcomed to send in photos of there stations and antenna set ups.

                      Looking into badges and hats.

                      Fox hunt plans

                      Field day volunteers   Riley VE6WEY....Kevin VE6KVV....Richard VE6PCO...Brian VE6LAY

Up coming activities

                    Steps for life..May

                    Corn roast....Sep

Up coming event

                 Glacier Waterton Hamfest.  July 9th

                Just a reminder that the 85th Pre-Registration is officially open!!

Also a reminder to register with the Campground by the web or by calling Connie 406-226-4479

Motion for adjourn Tony VE6ABO   8:25pm


Meeting of SAARC held at Tom’s VE6ARG QTH Jan 14 2019

Called to order 7:33pm

Members present:   12 and 1 guest

Motion to accept minutes Tom VE6ARG

Treasurer's report:  $xxxx.xx

Repeater club:   Paid $100.00 for site rent.Still waiting for good weather to change the tower antenna

Field Day:  No plans at this time

Members activity:

Geoff VE6LSX doing Sunday net

Blair VE6AGH Taking a break from doing Sunday Net.

Spencer VE6SXR Nothing to report

Ron   Nothing to report just getting familiar with his radio

Rob VE6XMB Having fun making lots of contacts Did his first contact on 40 meters with Japan

Tom VE6TRM Working local Nets on 2 and 80 meters.. Cant get out on 20 Meters

Tony VE6ABO On 20 meters a lot.using his IC 2300

Alex VE6WFD Just moved into a new home no antenna yet.

Brian VE6LAY  Had  the high winds made my vertical antenna  into a horizontal antenna .My son Chris did all the repair work now I have a trap dipole antenna over my roof  with a vertical at 43 feet.

Norm VE6WFW On 2 meters a lot.

Austin VE6QBD On 2 meters a lot can't hit club repeater from his QTH  Getting the feel of his new Yaesu FT-991A.Just set up his shack with a remote control for turning the heat on and a remote control for turning the  electric fence off and on.

Wayne VE6WEK Working HF nets and trying to get 2 meters to work on simplex

Tom VE6ARG Making antennas for customers Playing with ft8 on low power Looks like 15 people will be writing there basic

New business: @ Toms QTH there  QST Magazines from 1945 and up,members welcome to sign them out.

No Old business

Meeting ajourned at 8:05pm


Annual General Meeting held at Tom's VE6ARG QTH Jan 14, 2019

Meeting called to order 8:05pm by Blair Shaw - VE6AGH

The following new executive were elected for 2019

President Cory Martin - VE6COR

Vice president   Tom Buchanan - VE6ARG

Secretary Brian Layton -  VE6LAY

Treasurer  Tom Martins - VE6TRM

Director Blair Shaw - VE6AGH

Director Alex Wilson - VE6WFD

Director Geoff Peterson -VE6LSX

A big thanks to last years executive for the great work they did.

No ballots to destroy

Motion to adjourn: Geoff Peterson VE6LSX 2nd by Brian VE6LAY @ 8:21pm


Minutes December 10th, 2018

7:32 called to order  6 Members

last minute's accepted

Treasurer report not present

Repeater committee no  report

Field day no plans

New business Gary is looking into having a tower inspection done

Geoff   Nothing on HF

Cory getting comfortable with his radio  Taking the Advanced course

Norm has been active on 2 meters

Terry  Installed a  Panadapter on his 7410

Tom  Happy with how the basic class is coming along .Working on CW key

Brian has a dipole antenna set up now with a vertical antenna at 38 feet now waiting for good propagation

Old business still looking for a meeting place

Christmas party no plans

Meeting adjourned 8:23  Motion Tom 2nd Terry


Meeting of SAARC held at Tom’s VE6ARG QTH November 12th, 2018

Called to order:


Members present:


Field Day:

      No plans at this time.

Treasurer's report:


Repeater club:

      $x,xxx.xx   New balance includes antenna rotator payment

Around the room members activity:


      Got a great deal on an antenna tuner at the Calgary Swap Meet

      Started advanced class


      Went to Edmonton Swap Meet had a great time

      Did morning net


      Radio is always on  200-500 KHZ  cw beacons


      15 people taking basic  5 in advance

      Went to Calgary Swap Meet

      Made a cw keyer FM 900 hz Tone


      Still working on getting a working antenna doing some short wave listening


     Still waiting for his transceiver to get repaired

    Was on the 2 meter Sunday  net

  New business:

    Looking for a place to hold our meetings

    Rob would like a round table after Wed. night net on 146.880

Meeting adjourned:



October 1st, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:

Geoff VE6LSX 7:39

Members present:

14 Club Members  5 Guest (In Basic Fall Class)

Treasurer’s Report:

Tom VE6TRM  reported $ x,xxx.28 in the bank and we have Hat Pins now $5.00 each

Repeater Committee:

Waiting for good weather to do some battery maintenance and replace the antenna

Field Day:

No plans at this time.

Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets:

Geoff   Work some nets got Indy contacts

Ron    Got some new Equipment

Tom B Works some Nets every night if he has a new antenna

           The Basic course will be run beginning on October 25th

           The Advanced course will be run beginning on November 7th

Wayne  Runs the Wed night Net

Tom M  Nothing to report

Renze   Not on much but always listening some short wave work.

Richard  Has a loop antenna

Terry     160 meter dipole antenna up and his Hex is working great

Ron      Mobile station interested in marine communication

Riley     Listens on his Hand Held Radio had a US license taking basic class

Blair     Sunday morning Net

Cory    HF rig Kenwood window sill antenna works 80 to 60 meters

            on 40 meters the most got his VHF amp

Rob made an arctic circle contact on 20 Meters Chat on round table.

Norm  2 meter antenna ready to go up works a long wire.  Rig out for


Tom Jr. Some 2 meters checks in on nets.

Brian   Got a 30 foot high mask  dipole antenna with traps ready to put

            up Have my 2 meter Mobile on all the time Burmis Repeater

New Business

        Looking for a new meeting place

       On meeting night's club member's will try to be on 146.880 club frequency

       Next corn roast will be Sep. 14/19

       Blair is looking for a place to store 2 club generators - Tom Jr. offered to store one

Flea Market's

Nov. 3rd Edmonton  QCWA

Nov 10th Calgary     CARA

Tom VE6ARG moves to Adjourn 8:30pm 2nd by Terry VA6TMA

Next Meeting

  Nov. 12, 2018 at 19:30


September 1st meeting minutes

We had about 30 people for the annual Corn Roast at Renze and Annettas place.The food was amazing, was a fun time for all.Thanks Renze and Annetta for all your hard work and making this possible

Members present:

12 Members attended meeting

Call to Order:

Tom Buchanan VE6ARG , at 7:00 PM

Treasurer’s Report: Not Available

Field Day Committee:

Was a success lots of contacts with stations. Some rain and hot. Big Thanks to Renze and Annette Damm for hosting us this year. Need more help next year.

Repeater Committee:

Blair and Spencer are making plans to fix the antenna and replace the cable if necessary, This Month.

Blair sold the Antenna Rotor to a club member for $200.00

Old Business

Radio Class;


Tom will be starting the next class Oct 25/18 every Thur. night at 19.00 hrs till

till Jan 2019.


Will start on Oct 31/18 Wed nights19:00 hrs until you're ready to take the test.

Details will be sent to registered students after Registration

New Business

Brian Layton VE6LAY new interim Secretary

Next meeting will be on October the 1st because Thanksgiving is on the 8th

Tom VE6ARG moves to Adjourn 7:20pm 2nd by Terry VA6TMA


There was no meeting in August  2018


SAARC Minutes – July 9, 2018

Call to order: 7:40 MDT

Minutes from the previous meeting are on the website


• Summer meetings

• Presidency

• CAM antenna

• Breakfast Club

Treasurers Report: XXXX.xx as of May 31

Repeater Committee:

• Spenser will install the antenna

• Measure cable condition with antenna analyzer

• We need a gin pole to do this

• We are going to try for September when it isn’t so hot

Field Day Committee:

• Field Day was a success

• We need more people to help though

• Big thanks to Roy and Louise for the dinner on Saturday night

• We need a bigger committee

• Roy submitted the receipt (109.47)

Discussion on Nets:  Many comments on what people are doing

Old Business:

• Corn Roast at Renze and Annetta’s place on September 1, 2018

    o Check website for update

• Check our website to keep up to date.  There is a swap and shop on it too

• Breakfast – Saturday 9am at Mediterranean Mazza Bar

New Business:

• Summer meetings – suggested no meeting in August and hold it Sept. 1 at Renze’s VE6DC

• October meeting will be on October 1st, 2018 because October 8th is Thanksgiving

• Geoff suggested that Tom be reimbursed for meals at Field Day

     o Special thanks to Maggie for doing meals at Field Day

     o Dave moved , Terry seconded – carried

     o Suggested to do the same for next year and that it be better planned

• Pieter VE6PLV has resigned as secretary and a letter will be sent extending thanks for his service

• The club appointed an interim secretary, Brian Layton VE6LAY.  Brian accepted

• Tom VE6ARG agreed to run the short meeting on September 1st at the Corn Roast

Adjourned: 8:53


Minutes May 14, 2018

Call to Order: 7:35 MDT

Adoption of minutes from last meeting: Tom VE6TRM 2nd Tommy VE6TJB

Additions to the agenda: - Would like to have numbers of everyone who reads the minutes on website

Treasurer’s report: Tom VE6TRM May 1st balance xxxx.xx

Committee reports:

• Repeater committee:

o Submitted Financial report

o Tried to get someone to climb tower

o Suggest signing a contract with Mrs. Rowes children

• Field day committee: 2018 Field Day will be held at Coyote Flats Pioneer Village

o Roy needs a count of the number of people going out for lunch on Saturday

o Didn’t call RAC to find out about insurance

o Geoff and Tom going out to Coyote Flats to check on noise

Old Business:

• Steps for Life May 5th went very well.  We had a great time.  Rob VE6XMB was net control (Red Leader) It was suggested having a leader and follower to the group.  Suggested 2 people at the control points.

• Calgary Flea Market: It was great.  Good turnout from Lethbridge Club

• Edmonton Flea Market: Blair went and brought back a cold

• Planning a Hamfest at Coyote Flats:  tabled till next year.  Plan to do one every two years.

• Corn Roast September 1: Want to see everyone there.  It is a great time.

• Reminder to check our website and participate/contribute: 10/11 people went to website and 8/11 checked the minutes.

• Club Insurance: (Geoff) 4/11 are not RAC members  Geoff will check with RAC to see about the insurance for the repeater.

New Business:

• Moving Saturday morning breakfast to Mediterranean Mazza Bar downtown Lethbridge.

• Antenna Assistance List:

o Tom VE6TRM needs help with reflector on beam

o Perry VE6NX needs help with rotator (club has a rotator.  Blair is going to check)

o Rob VE6XMB needs a power pole to be put up

• Suggestion that September meeting be held at Renze’s Corn Roast on September 1st.

• We need someone to look into doing the Christmas party this year.

Motion to adjourn: 8:51 PM MDT



Welcome to the minutes of the

Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club