It is Communicating If you like talking—you’ll like ham radio If you like listening—you’ll like ham radio If you like watching—you’ll like ham radio If you like computers—echolink, remote control operating, digital modes If you like extreme sports—mountain climbing, para sailing, spelunking If you like competition—contests, awards, fox/rabbit hunting If you like history—Marconi, Alexander Graham Bell If you like collecting—equipment, eras (WW II), tubes If you like public service—earthquakes, sinking ships, tornadoes, phones overload, Red Cross If you like new friends—locally or around the world, clubs, networks, nets If you like technology—satellites, ARTS, WIRES If you like handy crafts—building radios and antennas, repair radios on your kitchen table If you like close family ties—learn and enjoy with wife, children, grand kids If you like other people’s kids—teach and enjoy Scout and Guide special events on the air If you like helping others—disabled, blind or your neighbour If you like missionary work—many missionaries communicate with hams If you like conventions—called hamfests, ma be local, national, seasonal etc. If you like yard sales—buying and selling, tailgate sales, flea markets, internet If you like the outdoors—backpacking, bicycle mobile, marine mobile, camping If you like travel—Mobile driving, horseback riding, flying, motorcycle riding, cruises, bus tours If you like the indoors—no outdoor antennas, IRLP, Echolink, remote base If you like condominiums—stealth antennas, operate from balcony, IRLP, Echolink The bottom line is If you like people and having fun You will like ham radio

The popular Butternut HF-9V vertical all band antenna

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