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Field Day Was A Great Success

The annual ARRL Field Day on June 22nd and 23rd was a huge success with many members attending and getting to operate our emergency stations and make contacts all over North America.  The bands were not great, but we still made 89 contacts during the event with Austin being the highest score with 32 contacts both on SSB and CW.  The antennas worked well with a lesson being learned as to why you need to have a minimum of 90 degrees between legs of an inverted V.  

The weather held pretty much until the very end of the event when the skies opened up like a pail of water on us as we were breaking down the tents.  Fortunately nobody got too wet and it was a warm rain anyway to it didn't really matter.  For the most part weather was great and everything worked well.

The BBQ was well attended and we served 20 hamburgers and nobody went away hungry that's for sure.

Many thanks go to Riley and Kevin and others for pitching in to organize the event.  We owe you a great vote of gratitude for all your hard work to make this a success.

The operators were Austin, Tom Sr., Dan, Riley, Jen, Alex, Larry and Norm.  Good job everyone.

73 - Tom - VE6ARG

(pictures will follow)