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Welcome to our Swap & Shop page.  Here you can list those great treasures that you think are worth something for whatever price you wish.  We only ask that you ensure they are amateur radio or electronics related.  Old vehicles or household items are better listed on Kijiji.  We will keep the item listed for a month at a time.  We ask also that when an item is no longer available, that you let us know.  You can list your items by sending us an e-mail at and be sure to put a picture of it if you have one and a complete description plus price and how to get hold of you plus your callsign if you have one.  Please do not use this site as an advertising medium for services that you provide.  We will be happy to list your name in the links section for that.   After you send us the e-mail it might take a day or so to get the item up on the site.  Feedback is always welcome of course.

Lots of items sold by lots of helpers since our last update.

Thanks everyone.





An Alinco DX-70 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver is for sale by Perry Lindberg - VE6NX here in Lethbridge.  This great little rig gives you 100W from 160 - 10 meters and 10W on 6 meters and has a very hot receiver with beautiful audio both coming and going.  Any ham of any experience would enjoy using this little gem.  Perry is asking $450.  You can reach him by e-mail at






















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