Welcome to what we do in the

Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club

SAARC is a diverse club with many skills and activities available through our members.  Anything from assisting you with antenna assembly and erection to measuring the performance of your equipment and antennas.


Becoming a Ham: We can teach you how to become a radio amateur using the most modern and accepted methods that will all but guarantee you will be successful in obtaining your basic or advanced certificate.  We have mentors (Elmer’s) that are more than willing to share their experiences in amateur radio with you and you can see how an operating shack functions and perhaps even get a chance to talk to people around the world.  We even have a couple of examiners as a members of our club for when you’re ready to write your Industry Canada exam and become a ham.  The club holds Basic and Advanced courses in the fall of every year.  These are popular courses that put you in front of a real ham radio station learning from someone that is experienced and successful as a trainer.

All classes have been cancelled until further notice.  We refer you to the RAC website at to find on-line courses.


Technical Assistance: We have experienced electronics technicians capable of repairing and aligning any type or vintage of equipment and putting it back into as new operating condition.  As well we have a huge reservoir of knowledge when it comes to creating equipment and antennas by people who have done it.


Monthly Meetings: We hold monthly meetings on the second Friday of the month at Excel Flight Training Inc. at the Lethbridge airport at 7:30.  At our meetings you can learn new techniques on just about anything dealing with ham radio and will rub shoulders with some of the most experienced amateur radio operators in the province of Alberta.  Come on out and join us.  The meetings are fun and educational.  We often have guest speakers that we bring in from all across the province to dazzle and delight us.


Events: Every year we put together a field day event that is well attended and is open to everyone to participate.  Field day is an emergency simulation with tight rules set by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and it takes talent and energy to setup a complete station in an hour and be on the air having conversations (QSO) with other stations around the globe using emergency power.


We hold social events from time to time as well with the whole family invited to participate.  These events provide us all with a way to meet the others and their families and have a fun time together.  For instance one of our members puts on an annual Corn Roast at his property that everyone is welcome to.


Our Repeater: We also are the keepers of our excellent repeater VE6CAM on 146.88 Mhz.  This repeater is located 50 km north east of Lethbridge on the Black Spring ridge.  It provides coverage all over southern Alberta and is entirely off the grid in terms of power.


Join the Club: Keep up-to-date on the happenings of our club on this site and get on our mailing list to join the group.  Our dues for 2019 are only $20 for the year and that’s a bargain in anybody’s eyes.  Join us now and welcome to SAARC.